Monday, 3 April 2017

2017 Line-Up sees Rebellious New-Build take on Experienced Warhorse

We're excited to announce that Vitters' very latest all-carbon launch, the 34m Ribelle, will be making tracks for the SYC finish line this year. This budding racer is the second Vitters built superyacht which hails from the Malcolm McKeon drawing board. Details about the yacht are still shrouded in mystery, but if we are to go by her racy looks and telltale name (Ribelle is Italian for rebellious / untamable) she's set to make a splash! Ribelle is in the process of having her mast stepped and is scheduled to commence sea trials over the next few weeks.

Pitting against Ribelle (and other freshly launched creations) will be a number of 'senior' competitors; yachts that were already flying over finish lines while newer entrants were still only a twinkle in an owner's eye. A good case in point is the 45m award-winning record-breaker Mari Cha III. This sleek super maxi, built in 1997, beat the Transatlantic Record in 1998 and the Sydney to Hobart in 1999, hitting speeds in excess of 30 knots. Used to being on the race course, and the podium, this 'battleaxe' is a competitor to watch out for, make no mistake.

The award-winning record-breaker Mari Cha III, photo ©

New Gold Sponsor - Code Zero

CODE-ZERO, an exciting new nautical sports brand designed and endorsed by pro sailors, is this year's official clothing supplier. They have designed a powerful collection especially for this year's regatta, which boasts bright colours as well as unique designs, inspired by superyacht racing. Participants and visitors will be able to get their hands on this exclusive Superyacht Cup collection during the event at the CODE-ZERO stand, or online.

CODE-ZERO's regular sports line features top-performing gear created to tackle the most extreme weather conditions. These high-tech garments combine the latest innovations with the ultimate in style and comfort. Their casual line is made up of high-quality apparel: think fresh fabrics that feature stylish brand applications and cool graphics influenced by the world of sailing.

New Gold Sponsor: Code Zero. Photo: ©Martinez Studio

Cutting-Edge Racing Sails and the Conquering of K2
We're pleased to announce that Evolution Sails - as well as Gottifredi Maffioli - will be backing the regatta again this year. Evolution Sails specialize in sails for larger boats: grand prix racers and superyachts. The well-established sail makers offer everything from durable cruising sails to their regatta winning EM Membrane racing sails. These feats of engineering are all made in production lofts which are among the largest clear span sail-making lofts world-wide! Furthermore, their locally based production site is specifically set up for servicing, cleaning and storing sails for their ever-growing superyacht clientele.

The trail blazers behind Gottifredi Maffioli - official suppliers of Extreme 40 and Melges 32 classes - have been developing rope since 1926. Not only have they brought cutting-edge fibres such as Kevlar, Dyneema and PBO into the sail racing market, their products are used on high-powered boats, racing regattas such as the America's Cup, the Volvo, the Route du Rhum and the Vendée Globe. And did you know that in 1954 the company created the first climbing rope made of nylon? These leading-edge lines were used by the Italian expedition that conquered K2!

2017 SYC: Making Waves and Water

The Superyacht Cup is proud to be one of the 1,000+ regattas, rallies and cruises that are officially registered as a Clean Regatta. While last year's event marked the introduction of a 'green team', recycling station and reusable water bottles for thirsty race-crew, this edition will see the inauguration of an even more spectacular practice: we will be making our own water! MSOS will be running dock water via a Reverse Osmosis unit, through a UV lamp (in order to eliminate bacteria) and a mineral salt block, which will complement the water with good, healthy minerals. Finally, the water will go through a Kangen water Ioniser to fill it with molecular hydrogen which is super hydrating, so great for hard-working sailors battling away under the Mallorcan sun! The water-making machines will produce between 6-10 litres a minute, enabling everyone to replenish their re-usable bottles on-site. Additionally, we will be providing extra-large eco-friendly water containers so crew can also top up their bottles while racing.

Monday, 27 February 2017

Stealth Fighter Samurai and Fast Cruiser Farfalla join Fleet

With this year's third superyacht regatta (Loro Piana Caribbean SuperYacht Regatta & Rendezvous) about to explode into action, it's evident we're in the thick of the 2017 racing season. In fact, before we know it, the world's most talked-about superyachts will be heading for the glittery waters of the Mediterranean, eager to take part in Europe's longest-running superyacht regatta: The Superyacht Cup!

During the upcoming event, we'll be able to see the 32m fast cruising yacht Farfalla (2015 World Superyacht Award winner) glide across the SYC start line for the very first time. This streamlined 'butterfly' hit an impressive 23 knots on her first delivery and is known to be nimble even in the lightest of winds. During the first superyacht regatta of the year, the New Zealand Millenium Cup, Farfalla ended up on equal points with second place finisher, the 40m Janice of Wyoming.

A completely different animal, also in the run for Cup supremacy, is the 43m on-water warrior Samurai. This record breaking racer was simply built for speed and as Mari-Cha IV did exactly this. She broke the trans-Atlantic record (smashed last year by super maxi Comanche ) the Guadeloupe to Antigua record, the Hawaii Pacific Ocean record, and won the Rolex Transatlantic Challenge, to name but a few. Even after her severe transition from stripped-out racing machine to superyacht, Samurai is "still a weapon to sail", as said by her Captain. (1) Indeed, she's reached rip-roaring speeds of 36 knots, which is only five less than Mari-Cha IV's max. Samurai's conversion was carried out by silver sponsors Royal Huisman - chosen by the owner because of the Dutch yard's reputation and brand pedigree.

Another entrant comfortable on the podium is the 40m Royal Huisman built well-versed racer Maria Cattiva. During the 2012 edition of the regatta her jubilant owner and elated crew were awarded the coveted 'Big Bent Cleat'. The following year she pipped the 27m Claasen Classic Atalante to the post, finishing second in Class 2. Atalante, a beautifully lined icon of the Hoek-design drawing board, will also return this year -ready and revved to get her own back, there's no two ways about it!

A completely different animal is the 43m on-water warrior Samurai. ©
Carbon fibre professionals Rondal are loyal SYC supporters, much like Royal Huisman, and have been sponsoring the regatta for many years. Apart from being bona fide racing enthusiasts, these spars and rigging experts have constructed the world's three largest one-piece carbon spars. These carbon virtuosos are currently working on Pink Gin VI's five spreader mast. This Baltic beast is, at 175ft, the world's biggest carbon fibre sloop.

(1) Quote originally appeared on

A Different Breed of Boats

Surely, last year's participating sailors and race fans will remember The Big Class Day Sail, which added lashings of extra elan to what was already a spectacular event. We're very excited to announce that this next edition will again see a ravishing get-together of some of the most iconic vintage yachts. However, we'll be opening up this epic parade this year to more than just schooners, as we'll be inviting classics of all sizes to grace the Palma Bay as well. This will make for another fabulous viewing experience no doubt, either from shore or from the water.

One of the classics eager to return is the 55m Elena, built in 2009 by Factoria Naval de Marin as a meticulously re-built replica of the first Elena. Her predecessor finished in front at most of her early races against the crème de la crème of the American schooner fleet. The new Elena slices through the water with the grace reminiscent of a former era and, as a regular racer, has claimed victories on both sides of the Atlantic.

One of the classics eager to return is the 55m Elena. ©
The Superyacht Cup is a Clean Regatta, which means we are part of the race to protect ocean health and actively push for a cut down on single-use plastic.

Sponsorship opportunities for this 2017 event are still available. Please get in touch for more info.

Monday, 30 January 2017

Improved VPP and Growing Line-Up for 2017 Superyacht Cup

Last week's New Zealand Millennium Cup not only saw Tawera - 28m of pure energy- sail hard to finish first, but also marked the start of the 2017 superyacht racing season. Next event on the big-boat racing calendar is the SuperYacht Challenge Antigua, which will no doubt also make for a compelling spectacle.

Meanwhile, in Palma de Mallorca, preparations are in full swing for the 21st edition of the Superyacht Cup, the longest-running regatta of its kind in Europe. While anticipation for this year's battle of giants is growing, our entry list continues to see more and more exciting yachts sign up, like the 27m Claasen-built Kealoha. This modern classic performance sloop was the first of the Truly Classic 90 series and made a splash in the international yachting community by taking home the 2007 Superyacht Design Award in the category Best Sailing Yacht 24-40m. Another award-winning competitor which hails from the Hoek Design's drawing table is the 32m Irelanda. We're thrilled to see her back in the bay as the last time she competed was in 2010. She hit the sweet spot that year, sneaking in ahead of the 27m Ithaka to finish third in cruising class.

We're thrilled to see the 32m Irelanda back to race this year, the last time she competed was in 2010. © Claire Matches

A third promising contestant graced with the distinctly elegant Hoek-look is the 39m Claasen-Built Atalante. She's the largest in the Truly Classic range to date and described by Andre Hoek as one of the best boats he's ever been involved with.

Pedigree yard and Silver Sponsor Claasen are renowned for their delicious balance between traditional workmanship and the most modern of technologies. The shipyard is used to building performance boats and has constructed numerous past and present Superyacht Cup participants, including 2011 winner Drumfire and the 35m Firefly, she scored second in class the following year.

Newly Improved VPP (Velocity Prediction Programme) for 2017 Racing Season
The ORCsy rule, in play since 2015, has consistently received the thumbs-up from both owners and sailors alike. As part of its commitment to continue developing the system, the ORCsy committee had its team of technicians attend each of the nine 2016 events to make on-site observations and improvements to the rule. As more was learned about the processes and application, the rating has been fine-tuned for this season accordingly. Only a few of the numerous new technical improvements include: a better evaluation of separation drag for deep keel boats and a more accurate windage assessment of gaff sail pans with a lot of rig. Along with the SuperYacht Racing Association (SYRA), ORC will carry on its efforts this year to develop and update this unique boat-measurement-based rating.

Talking Trash - SYC to Take on Plastic Pollution

Did you know that, 8 million metric tons of plastic enters the ocean from land each year? We are proud to announce that we will again join the race to restore ocean health with Sailors for the Sea's Clean Regattas program. The ocean, lakes and rivers of our planet are in crisis with plastic pollution, oil spills, and marine debris threatening marine wildlife and human health. One of the ways we aim to help protect the waters we love to sail on is by offering support for race teams making the switch to reusable water bottles. A 'green team' will also be on-site ensuring recycling and rubbish are separated properly.

Photo courtesy of Sailors for the Sea.

Baltic Yachts on Board as Premium Partners

For the second time running we'll be able to count on the support of Baltic Yachts. Baltic Yachts boasts an impressive track record constructing high performance, multi-role carbon composite sailing yachts, like the Baltic 147 Visione. Their latest launches include Baltic 130 My Song, Baltic 115 Nikata, and of course the bold and edgy Baltic 108 Win Win. She put her competitors in the shade last year by becoming the undisputed victor in Class A and winner Overall! Additionally, the yard will be launching the already legendary Pink Gin VI later this year. At 175ft, she is the world's biggest carbon fibre sloop and promises to be one of the most spectacular superyacht launches of 2017.

Three more orders for new carbon composite performance sailing yachts measuring between 85ft and 142ft have recently filled the Baltic order book. Fingers crossed we'll be able to see them on the Superyacht Cup race course during one of our future editions!

Sponsorship opportunities for the 2017 Superyacht Cup are still available. Please contact for more info.

Monday, 5 December 2016

Superyacht Cup 2017 - a Tour de Force of Regatta Winning Potential

Even though we'll need to lie in wait for the 21st edition of Palma's Superyacht Cup, which will take place from the 21st until the 24th of June, the entry list is already shaping up to be a powerful tour de force of regatta-winning-potential! No less than eleven impressive superyachts have signed up so far, none of which are strangers to the big-boat regatta circuit. The 28m Reichel Pugh designed Kiboko Dos, for example, is a regular attendee and sailed a solid race during this year's event, taking third in Class C.

Another steadfast Superyacht Cup entrant is the 45m Wally Saudade. This seasoned racer will be participating for the fourth consecutive time. The 50m Borkumriff IV, designed by Dijkstra and built by the acclaimed Royal Huisman shipyard, blasted around the Bay of Palma during our 2014 edition. We're excited to welcome each of the above boats back on the race course in June 2017!

We're excited to welcome the Royal Huisman built 50m Borkumriff IV back next year. ©Roy Roberts
This next event will, once more, see an irresistibly varied fleet. For performance based boats there will be plenty of competition to keep the most talented sailors on their toes, and eager spectators on the very edge of their seats.

The 33m Baltic-built Win Win pulled out an impressive overall win this year, but whether this uncompromising carbon rocket will be able to hold on to her title for our next regatta remains to be seen. She'll be up against the likes of the 38m lion-like Perini P2. She was steered to victory three times this past year: during the Superyacht Cup with a 'not so shabby' three out of three wins. Another one to keep tabs on will be the recently launched 34m new-generation Nautor Swan built boat Highland Fling XV. She'll be taking part in this sailors' regatta for the first time.

Apart from Superyacht Cup sailing at its best, we'll be able to look forward to a lively social programme: expect to catch up with good friends old and new while enjoying great music, delicious food, relaxing happy hours and the epic parties regular SYC participants have become accustomed to.

As in previous years, race management will be in the expert hands of the prestigious Real Club Náutico de Palma. The new NOR, freshly updated for our 2017 edition, can be found online here.

As places are limited we advise competitors keen to take on next year's challenge to register early.

In A Class of its Own

The SuperYacht Racing Association (SYRA) has developed a brand new initiative: the Corinthian Spirit Class. This unique class focuses on fun low-key racing, through fewer regatta expenses, a streamlined handicapping process, and less preparations needed from the captain and crew in the lead-up to an event. This new class, which will also be implemented at the Superyacht Cup, aims to revive the atmosphere of the earlier Bucket regattas, making it foremost an enjoyable and friendly event. Additionally, it will be easier for owners to get their yachts 'race ready' which means they can 'just' turn up and sail while still being able to race competitively.

Returning Sponsors Astilleros de Mallorca and St. Regis Mardavall

We're excited to announce that one of the island's leading shipyards, Astilleros de Mallorca - builders of the iconic 65m three-masted schooner SY Adix - will be returning as silver sponsors. This well-known yard boasts having refit or repair work done on more than 120 yachts annually. Many of these have been seen slicing through the Superyacht Cup circuit, like the elegant 31m Gaia or the aforementioned previous event winner, Win Win. Additionally, the yard's been given prestigious awards such as Boat International's Superyacht Award for Best Refit.

We'll also be able to count on Preferred Hotel Partner, the St. Regis Mardavall Mallorca Resort, to continue their on-going support. The St. Regis is a stunning resort framed by the Tramuntana Mountains, the luxurious marina of Puerto Portals and the sparkling blue Mediterranean Sea. Perfect for a luscious and luxurious escape before or after an adrenaline-fuelled three days of racing.

Sponsorship opportunities are still available. Please contact Jane Thompson at for more information.

Monday, 27 June 2016

Palma's 20th Superyacht Cup, A Hard Act to Follow

The Superyacht Cup, firm favourite with owners and sailors alike, has not only become the second-biggest event on the superyacht sailing calendar, but is also the longest running regatta of its kind in Europe. An exhilarating four-day event which perfectly mixes fun times with fierce racing in the Mediterranean's most popular superyacht haunt, pretty Palma de Mallorca. An island known not only for its sun-drenched days but also for its beautiful bay, which because of its particular shape delivers a blissfully consistent sea breeze. Saudade's tacticien, Volvo Ocean Race veteran, Bouwe Bekking agrees: "We're happy how we sailed and of course the event is very nice and I think the owner will be back next year as well. Sailing-wise Palma is one of the best places in the world and very well served for superyachts."

This extra special 20th Superyacht Cup came to a truly spectacular close yesterday afternoon, with a jubilant crowd cheering on the grinning sailors of the nine winning teams who took it in turns to storm the Superyacht Cup stage. After three days of hair-raising action it was the 33m Baltic built Win Win who claimed overall victory this year. An ecstatic Clive Walker, captain on board this carbon rocket, commented: "I've got a huge smile on my face. We've been trying to win a regatta ever since we launched the boat two years ago and we've finally done it, which is a huge relief. To be part of this team for the last eight years and having won with the old boat (Scorpione dei Mari) as well is incredible, just fantastic. A win-win situation!"

A well earned overall triumph for the 33m Baltic built Win Win this year ©

P2, with three bullets to her name, was the undisputed winner in Class B. In classic Class D it was the gleaming Herreshoff designed Mariette of 1915 who, also with a perfect score of three firsts, championed. In Class C the lovely Tempus Fugit proved victorious. No mean feat as she was up against a regular racer: the Vitters built Ganesha, and the ridiculously fast 35m Sojana. This speed balling boat recorded one of the highest speeds over the past few days, a whopping 17.98 knots, -she ended up clinching third. With all 22 competitors divided across four classes, racing was close and saw fast boats fighting tight battles. The ORCsy handicapping rule which was used at The Superyacht Cup again this year, also helped to turn out some of the tightest and most dramatic superyacht racing to date.

In classic Class D it was the gleaming Herreshoff designed Mariette who championed. ©

Yesterday's final race day saw light conditions yet exciting sailing which perfectly rounded off three days of rip-roaring regatta action. Big boat races are close-knit affairs, which bring together the best of the world's professional sailing talent with experienced enthusiasts. As the sun went down on this 20th edition, hundreds of happy Superyacht Cuppers will have made new friends and will be taking home sunny memories of yet another thrilling and fun-filled event. The 24m petite performer and Claasen built Hearbeat's owner/tactician enthused: "The spirit is good, I just love it, it's good racing, tight racing and very well organized. We're very happy to be here every year. Unfortunately we'll have to go back to Holland for refit so we won't be here next year, but in 2018 we'll be back to have some more fun and try and win again, just as we did in 2013!"

The 38m Perini P2 pulled out an undisputed and impressive win in Class B. ©

Although this edition's line-up saw a number of freshly launched boats and first timers running around the race-course, this year's fleet was also made up of tried and tested Cup veterans which have been returning to the island year after year for the regatta's solid sea breeze, relaxed ambiance and social events to match the on-the-water-action. The high performing, award-winning 28m Kiboko Dos for example, she claimed third in Class C, competed for the third consecutive time this year.

Our much talked about party themed '20 Years of Rock', showed us a good amount of sailors rock the dance floor as much as they ruled on the race course. Owners and their guests were able to enjoy a thoughtfully prepared three course dinner, at what is, without a doubt, one of the loveliest dinner venues in the Mediterranean: The St. Regis Mardavall Mallorca. Thursday and Friday's happy hours served up cold drinks to dilute the stress after three riveting hours on the race course and saw everyone from newbie crew to seasoned sailors discuss different takes on the day's performance. Additionally, oodles of the most talented sailors could be seen chatting at the bar, with a beer in hand and a smile on their faces.

In Class C the lovely, modern classic Tempus Fugit proved victorious. ©

We would like to thank all the yachts of this year's wildly diverse fleet for the past three days of hair raising sailing and of course our sponsors who have each helped make this edition another all-round success. And while we say 'Hasta Luego' to another memorable edition of The Superyacht Cup, a regatta where the atmosphere is relaxed, the sailing fast and the dock-side fun a given, we are already looking forward to seeing the world's most gorgeous yachts take part in our next edition, June 2017. And although this 20th regatta will be a hard act to follow, plenty of competitors have already said they wouldn't want to miss out on next year's racing, we're sure all fans of superyacht sailing will wholeheartedly agree!

Highlight of Saturday's prize giving was of course the announcement of Win Win taking overall victory this year. ©

For high res images contact Claire Matches at

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Carbon Flyer Win Win Fastest of the Fleet and Overall Winner of the Superyacht Cup 2016

This year's 22-strong fleet is teeming with the latest flyers, carbon rockets, and offshore racers. Moreover, most competing yachts boast having some of the biggest names in sailing on board. From America's Cup supremos to Olympic champions: stunning entries are handled by the world's racing elite. No surprise then that the past two days has seen some hot racing, bold tactics, slick crew work and battles so close they made the hair on the back of our necks stand up! Doubtlessly both the most seasoned sailors, as those new to racing, were eager to get every inch of speed out of the boats on today's deciding day of racing.

Racing was expected to face light winds today, between 8-12 knots at the start line and an even lighter 6-10, from approximately 14.00 onwards. The race committee decided on two highly tactical courses, a 20.6 nm course for Class A and a 17.8 nm course for Classes B, C and D. Both had the fleet fighting for lanes and the safety officers extra watchful as all yachts sailed hard to edge out the, equally as ambitious, competition.
Racing got underway at 13.00 and saw Sea Wave, she took third yesterday, round the downwind mark first, followed closely by Mari Cha III and the Vitters built Inouï.

P2, known for smoking it on the race course, repeated her stellar performance from Thursday and yesterday. ©

In Class A the 32m Sea Wave was the first to round Alpha, ahead of Mari Cha III and Inouï. Mari Cha III however caught up with Sea Wave and rounded the second, Illetas, mark first. Shortly after it was the feisty flyer Win Win, who forged through the fleet and hit the third mark ahead of both the 45m Vitters built Unfurled and the 33m Inouï. The 45m Vitters built Unfurled showed an impressive turn of speed as she took the upper hand and hit the fourth mark ahead of Saudade and Win Win. She then went on to cross the finish line one minute and 4 seconds ahead of the 45m Wally Saudade.

In Class B the 38m P2, known for smoking it on the race course, managed to slip away from the chasing pack and rounded the third Porrasa mark first, one minute and 45 seconds in front of the 35m Sojana, also no stranger on the regatta scene. She continued to power around the fourth mark as well as over the finish line ahead of the 46m Ganesha, who's sailed in most of the major regattas and has taken her fair share of podium glory.

In Class C the freshly launched 27m Firebird held her own and charged around the second and third mark first, leaving both Thursday's and Friday's Class winners, Tempus Fugit and Kiboko Dos, trying to hunt her down. Yesterday's champion however, the 28m Kiboko Dos, managed to reel her in and rounded the fourth mark one minute and 44 seconds ahead of her and subsequently stormed on to cross the finish line first.

The 27m Tempus Fugit certainly combined speed with style as she took today's race and Class win. ©

Class D saw the regular racer Mariette of 1915 round the first two marks ahead of Naema and the 60m Germania Nova. The latter however proved unstoppable as she closed in fast and hit the third mark two minutes and two seconds ahead of the 41m Mariette. She continued to sail a solid race, gunning it around the fourth mark and the finish, crossing three minutes and 49 seconds ahead of the 41m Herreshoff designed classic. The seasoned sailors on Germania deserved their day in the sun as they took a detour on day one and suffered from a spectacular spinnaker blow the second.

After corrections were applied the final calls were made and in Class A it was the 45m Unfurled who kept their focus under the weight of final day pressure. However it was the fiery Win Win who claimed the Class win. In Class B the 38m powerful P2 repeated her stellar performance from Thursday and yesterday and consequently took both the race, as well as Class victory. Slick crew maneuverings and smooth sailing in Class C saw the 27m Tempus Fugit scream home to champion during the race and in her Class overall, while the 41m Mariette again, was top dog in Class D.

A big, loud cheer goes out to the Baltic Yachts built 33m Win Win, who, devoured the race course during the first two days and, is officially the overall winner of The Superyacht Cup 2016!

This 20th regatta was topped off with a spirited prize-giving ceremony, which saw hundreds of happy owners, friends, captains and crew concentrated in The Superyacht Cup's main tent, still enthusiastically discussing today's exhilarating racing.

The 41m Mariette of 1915 triumphed in today's race and claimed first in Class. ©

As first, second and third prizes were awarded in each class, big groups of grinning sailors took to the stage to a soundtrack of loud whistles and woo's from the convivial crowd. Competitors were thanked for the past three days of close action and promises were made of a return to fiercely defend their hard-fought titles. Highlight was without a doubt the official announcement of this edition's overall winner, the 33m wild card Win Win. The coveted, newly re-styled and revamped, 'Big Bent Cleat' was held high with victor's pride by her beaming owner, to the roaring applause of the world's biggest fans of racing.

The Superyacht Cup also presented a cheque of 11,000 Euros to the long running local charity Joves Navegants. Initiated by an enthusiastic group of sailors, the foundation reaches out to the island's underprivileged boys and girls through the practice of sailing. Last year's donation enabled eight young adults, who are in a drug dependency recovery programme, to set sail on the beautiful 21m Galaxie: getting stuck into everything from boat maintenance and sail preparation to all sorts of exciting maneuvers at sea. No doubt, this year's contribution will be put to equally good use.

As the sun sets on the SYC Regatta Village on this last day of racing, owners, race crew, industry titans, family and friends shake hands and congratulate each other on a job well done. Certainly all will be taking home some lasting memories of what has proved to be yet another successful Superyacht Cup, filled with sunshine, tight racing, and plenty of smiling faces.

For high res images contact Claire Matches at

Friday, 24 June 2016

More Spectacular Sailing on Race Day Two at Palma's Superyacht Cup

The Superyacht Cup's social scene, known to rival the insane on-the-water action, has already lived up to its reputation as last night's après-race partying went on long after the sails had been packed away. Apart from a lively atmosphere and full dance floor, this year's '20 Years of Rock' theme showed some sailors' hidden talents of playing air guitar and being able to rock back-combed hair. Especially team Tenaz made a fantastic effort. Furthermore, yesterday's shindig saw sailors involved in cheerful banter and enjoy what was probably the world's largest paella, to the soundtrack of Mama Kin's retro tunes. Apart from a great ending to a beautiful first day of racing, legendary memories have been made of another epic Superyacht Cup party.

The day dawned with clear blue skies and what promised to be another sun drenched day and saw the Regatta Village bustling bright and early with the owners, crew, friends, and guests of this year's 22 spectacular superyachts, spiritedly discussing today's tactics and keen to get their sail-hungry boats back out unto the bay.

Today's custom courses for Classes A, B and C, D were spread over 21.1 and 14.3 nm respectively and took advantage of today's conditions which had been predicted to be similar to yesterday's, with the sea breeze in the lower numbers, around 8 - 11 knots. Racing was scheduled to get underway at 13.00 and it was, again, the Farr designed 32m Sea Wave that crossed the line first, followed by the 45m Mari Cha III and the fiercely green-hulled 33m Inouï. New standards were being set at the start line with boats crossing one to three seconds off the gun. The aforementioned Inouï had a flyer, crossing the line at full pelt, bang on start time.

More spectacular sailing on race day two at Palma's Superyacht Cup. ©

The first mark saw the 32m Southern Wind Sea Wave round ahead of the fleet, chased by yesterday's Class A victor, the Baltic built Win Win and the exciting Vitters built Inouï. Although Sea Wave continued to lead and hit the second mark first, she was under pressure from the highly competitive Win Win who rounded 37 seconds later. Shortly afterwards, this light-weight racer managed to reel in Sea Wave and started to pull out a big lead rounding first the fourth and then the fifth mark first. She continued to smoke it and crossed the finish line first in Class A, eight minutes and 53 seconds ahead of the Vitters built 45m Unfurled on corrected time.

Class C saw some nail-bitingly close action with five boats (Stay Calm, Heartbeat, Firebird, Kiboko Dos and Tempus Fugit) rounding the first mark within one minute and nine seconds between each other. Incredible. It was however the 28m Southern Wind Kiboko Dos who snuck past her class competitors and screamed around the course leaving the 24m Swan Stay Calm fiercely trying to hunt her down. Kiboko Dos' sharp maneuvers and serious sailing secured the crew with a first bullet in Class C. A grinning Raimon Pascó, captain on board Kiboko Dos commented: "We had the same good feeling as we had with the boat yesterday, but today we're happier, obviously. I think the circuit was better and more interesting for us with more beats and downwinds than the day before. We did some good maneuvers this afternoon, the boat performed fantastically and the crew is great, so 'Todo Bien'."

Kiboko Dos' sharp maneuvers and serious sailing secured the crew with a first bullet in Class C. ©

In Class B Perini Navi rocket P2 proved she was here again on her A game as she edged out the 35m Sojana hitting the third mark two minutes and 55 seconds before her. She continued to storm ahead towards the fourth mark with Sojana in hot pursuit and rounded two minutes and 14 seconds ahead of her. Clearly in gear today she also powered around the fifth, Bahia 1, mark and finished first, three minutes and 26 seconds in front of runner up Ganesha.

In Class D the classic two-masted gaff schooner Mariette of 1915 put in another peak performance leading both the 42m first-timer Naema and the 60m stunningly elegant Germania Nova around the race course. She finished nine minutes and 42 seconds ahead of the classically elegant 42m gaff schooner Naema on corrected time.

P2 and Win Win, in Class A and B respectively, go into the final race with a lead of three points. In Class C Tempus Fugit holds the trump card, but with only 1 point separating this tenacious team from the 28m Kiboko Dos. In Class D two points separate Mariette of 1915 from second placed Naema

After racing, crew made a post debrief lay line for the Regatta Bar sponsored by Southern Spars or indeed continued battle back in port through paddle power, as especially for this year's 20th event, premium partners Pendennis are hosting a relay paddle board race as part of the shore side entertainment. Fancy dress encouraged!

For this year's 20th event premium partner Pendennis hosted a relay paddle board race. ©

Yacht owners and their guests were brought to the exclusive St. Regis Mardavall Mallorca Resort to enjoy a delicious dinner, celebratory drinks, and great atmosphere. All traveled in style by Transfer Class, the leading company in vehicle rental, as well as the top provider of limousines and buses in the premium segment. With one group of guests on the South-West coast of the island and all other sailors in Superyacht Cup central, we're certain in both spots all talk will feature tomorrow's final day of sailing, as everything will come to the clinch in Saturday's ultimate showdown.

Racing is set to continue tomorrow with the first starting signal scheduled for 13.00 and coastal courses on the cards for all classes.

Connect with us through Twitter #SYC and Facebook for real time updates of all the action on and off the race course and / or stay up to speed by following the race live via TracTrac.

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Thursday, 23 June 2016

Win Win, P2, Tempus Fugit and Mariette Victorious on First Day of Racing

The past few days have seen some of the world's biggest names in sailing fly into pretty Palma de Mallorca and the yachts' crew make all necessary preparations to race this first, Pantaenius race. And if you block out the sound of rubbing fenders and flapping ensigns, you can almost hear the low growl of 22 race-ready yachts preparing to go into battle. Moreover, one wouldn't be surprised to see one captain ball his fist at another in mock aggression. As although the best of friends ashore, on the bay it's about smart tactics and slick maneuverings, and it's about who's boss.

This 20th edition boasts an entry list as wildly varied as ever, with superyachts ranging from the 24m freshly refitted Nautor Swan Stay Calm, (she'll be sailed hard by a super hot racing team whom regularly sail in the TP52 class) to this year's giant of the fleet: the 60m gaff-rigged schooner Germania Nova. This Superyacht Cup will be her very first regatta.

Aside from this being the first ever race for some very promising competitors, the Palma Bay will also be the stage for a showdown between a number of yachts who have been duking it out at previous regatta's. For instance the 45m Saudade and the 33m Win Win have been bow-to-bow at the Loro Piana Superyacht Regatta this month. We're sure both boats will be sailed hard and fast, determined to not give the other an inch this week.

Today's first Pantaenius race, saw champagne conditions and close battles on the Bay of Palma. ©

To ensure close racing between boats of similar speed, the fleet has been divided into four classes and, for the second time, the SYC will be implementing the ORC-sy rating rule. Tested and trialled last year and freshly revised for this year's regattas, this latest handicapping system is heavily based on objectivity and clarity. Additionally, this boat-measurement-based rating has proved itself to make for tight racing and has attracted the thumbs-up from event organisers, owners, captains, and crew.

The race committee opted for two exciting, separate courses, one for Classes A and B, and a slightly shorter one for Classes C and D. Both made the most of the superb conditions: today's menu served up a blazing sun, bright blue sky and a great day for superyacht racing with a predicted, stable 7-11 knots for the start line, and an even beefier 13-16 knots later in the afternoon.

Today's first Pantaenius Race got underway at 13.05 with yachts starting off the blocks at two minute staggered intervals and saw first-timer, the 32m Sea Wave power over the line first. She was followed by offshore-racer Mari Cha III and, the Vitters built, carbon missile Inouï. The lovely 31m Gaia got off to the best start, crossing an impressive two seconds after her start time. As the front of the fleet commenced to crowd towards the third, Bahia 1 mark, showing us some real close-knit action, it was the 33m fierce racer Inouï, who had the edge on the new and improved 45m Unfurled. She rounded only 19 seconds later, while being closely followed by Baltic built beauty Win Win.

However, by the time the front runners reached the fourth mark, the 33m Win Win had managed to snatch the lead and round ahead of the award-winning Unfurled and the 45m seasoned racer Saudade.

Class C saw some equally intense action as Kiboko Dos, Tempus Fugit, Firebird and Stay Calm rounded the fourth mark with, literally, only the skinniest of seconds between them. A mere four seconds came between the leading 29m Kiboko Dos and the Frers designed 25m Stay Calm, she rounded fourth. In Class B it was the performance Perini P2 which pipped the 35m Sojana and the 45m Salperton to the post rounding the same mark.

The drama ran a little deeper in Class D where the 60m traditional gaff-rigged schooner Germania Nova headed towards the second Pantaenius mark right after her start, which meant she had to turn back to round the first Alpha mark, which set her back. The stunning classic Mariette of 1915, a regular racer, sailed a particularly solid race, banging the right corners at the right times and hitting all marks ahead of her competitors: both the aforementioned Germania Nova and the 42m Naema. She finished eight minutes and 23 seconds on corrected time before this stunning 1930s replica schooner. Mariette's captain Charlie Wroe commented: "We've had three really good days sailing in the bay, leading up to today's first race and it went really well. We had a good start, it was lovely sailing out there and it's really good to see all the boats out there, powered up and going along. We're really happy."

In Class A it was the 33m Baltic flyer Win Win who was in great form and took top slot. We're sure the crew on this high-calibre sailing yacht will be hoping to repeat their stellar performance tomorrow. A beaming owner commented: "It was a great day today, although it was tough to maintain our speed against the big boats. I think we managed well but it was a fight, right up until the last minute. Saudade and Unfurled were our main competitors, just like in the Loro Piana. Saudade were ahead of us then, but we got them today. Let's see what we can do tomorrow."

The 33m Win Win was in great form today and took top slot in Class A. ©

Slick crew work and smooth sailing on board the powerful P2 was good for a first Class B win finishing one minutes and 38 seconds ahead of the 35m Sojana on corrected time. In Class C it was the 27m modern classic Tempus Fugit's day to wear the crown. She crossed the finish line two minutes and 18 seconds before first-timer Firebird, who took second.

Sponsors North Sails host today's Happy Hour at the Regatta Bar where chilled drinks and high-spirited banter will take the edge off this first nerve-racking day on the water. A quick stop back to the yacht will allow crew to swap those quick-dry shorts for leather trousers and studded boots, as to round off day one with aplomb we're hosting, the already much talked about, 20th Anniversary Dock Party: fancy dress theme '20 Years of Rock'. This epic evening will allow crew to release their inner Axl or Ozzy and show the rest of the fleet they rock the dance floor as much as they rule the race course.

Superyacht insurance specialists, Pantaenius, boast 40 years' experience providing yacht insurance to owners from all over the globe. With more than 80,000 satisfied clients and 12 offices on three continents, the company is the top yacht insurance provider in Europe and a crucial key-player in the superyacht industry. We are proud to have Pantaenius, a passionate supporter of the Cup since day one, return as a race partner for this year's Superyacht Cup.

Racing is set to continue tomorrow with the first starting signal scheduled for 13.00 and coastal courses on the cards for all classes.

The stunning 41m Mariette of 1915 charged home to take the win in Class D. ©

Connect with us through Twitter #SYC and Facebook for real time updates of all the action on and off the race course and / or stay up to speed by following the race live via TracTrac.

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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Palma de Mallorca Welcomes 22 Competitive Entries for 20th Superyacht Cup

We're thrilled to say that for this momentous 20th edition of The Superyacht Cup, the second biggest event on the superyacht racing calendar, we've got no less than 22 of the fastest superyachts looking fresh on the dock in the already buzzing SYC Regatta Village. With yachts fully tuned and owners and crew fired up to show who's boss on the bay, the scene is set for three days of electrifying racing. With yachts like the new Vitters-built 45m Unfurled, - launched amid much fanfare and already a winner, (she not only claimed first at the St Barths Bucket, but also won both the World Superyacht Award in the Sailing Yacht 45m and above category, as well as the 2016 Sailing Yacht of the Year Award), and the award-winning and record-breaking 45m Mari Cha III, known to have slammed speeds in excess of 30 knots, competition is going to be tough and tight. What's more, four of last year's podium finishers are back to fiercely defend their title, like the 45m sleek Wally Saudade, the Baltic-built beauty Win Win -designed to dominate on the race course- and the 46m Ganesha. A regular racer: her regatta results include wins at St Barths, Sardinia and Palma.

A debrief on board the 35m ketch Sojana, a high profile regular on the regatta circuit. ©

Additionally, we'll be able to marvel at three freshly launched boats, all ready to be pushed hard in order to edge out their more seasoned competitors. The 39m Atalante, which hails from the acclaimed Claasen yard is the largest Truly Classic to date. She was launched last summer and recently won the World Superyacht Award in the category Sailing Yachts 30m to 39.99m. With her Neptune prize proudly displayed on board, she will be taking part with an extra spring in her step. Another first timer is the 32m Southern Wind Sea Wave, with a clean sweep of three firsts she recently triumphed at the Rolex Capri International Regatta, the first race for both the boat and her owner. Newest boat on the block is the 27m Firebird: she's been training hard to be able to show what she's made of on the race course tomorrow.

Besides newbie boats, this year's incredible get-together includes plenty of tried-and-true SYC veterans, like the 24m Heartbeat (Claasen, Huisfit), designed by sponsors Hoek Design Naval Architects. This 2013 winner will be competing for the fourth consecutive time. Another regular racer in Palma is last year's Class B winner, the 33m Vitters-built Inouï. This dazzling carbon rocket also posted second place in Virgin Gorda this year, so will be another one to watch out for.

Although racing doesn't start until Thursday, classic sailing fans and lovers of things ridiculously beautiful were already treated this afternoon to a show stealing scene and positively epic event. The three vintage schooners competing this year: Mariette, Germania Nova and Naema were joined by five other gorgeous classic schooners to take part in the Big Class Day Sail. This display of a different breed of boats, famed for their grace and good looks and admired for their racing prowess made for an exquisite get-together and a unique experience for all spectators on shore and on the water.

The Big Class Day Sail saw eight stunning classic schooners gather on the Bay of Palma. ©

Aside being able to look forward to three days of tight racing, expect a fun filled social scene with lots of lively parties playing out both in and outside the Regatta Village. There is, for example, Thursday's 20th Anniversary Dock Party, which boasts a highly original fancy dress theme: '20 Years of Rock', and the more private owners' dinner hosted at the stunning St. Regis Mardavall Mallorca Resort, on Friday evening. This lovely luxury resort is tucked in between the dramatic Tramuntana Mountains and Palma's beautiful, turquoise bay.

Tonight, owners, guests and crew from all participating yachts will be able to enjoy our Welcome Cocktail Party which will feature well-known flamenco virtuoso's Benjamín 'Habichuela' and Josue Heredia. Surely the soulful tunes of this dynamic duo will get those fingers snapping and toes tapping. Catching up with fellow sailors and old friends will also add to the excitement for tomorrow's racing, no doubt.

We are delighted to see silver sponsors ZIS return to the event this year. They have a quarter of a century of experience in providing marine, property and corporate insurance for some of the most discerning clients in the world. Regardless of the location of a yacht, crew, or business, ZIS has the global reach to provide optimum cover and to act precisely when needed.

As in previous years, Superyacht Cup racing will be in the safe and trusted hands of MedAire. Their experienced team will provide medical cover on-site and will be at the ready with emergency response.

The fleet will sail three challenging coastal races on Thursday, Friday and Saturday with racing scheduled to start at 13.00 tomorrow.

Connect with us through Twitter #SYC and Facebook (The Superyacht Cup) for real time updates of all the action on and off the race course and / or stay up to speed by following the race live via TracTrac.

Only one of the beautiful classic schooners that took part in the Big Class Day Sail today. ©

For high res images contact Claire Matches at

Thursday, 16 June 2016

8 of the World's Most Stunning Schooners to Gather for Palma's 20th Superyacht Cup

To coincide with the 20th edition of the Superyacht Cup, a fleet of the largest and easily most gorgeous classic schooners will gather on the Bay of Palma, Wednesday the 22nd of June, in a scene so beautiful it will blow your mind. The three vintage schooners competing in this silver Superyacht Cup, Mariette, Germania Nova, and Naema, will be joined by several other large classic schooners, to take part in The Big Class Day Sail. 

From approximately 13.30 to 15.30 this breathtakingly beautiful fleet of unique yachts will sail a course starting at Dic de l'Oest, via Isle de Sech, to the harbour wall in front of Palma's iconic Cathedral. This will be a rare opportunity to feast your eyes on this ravishing get-together, either from shore or from other vessels on the Bay. Our official Superyacht Cup photographer Claire Matches, and filming pro's RecBlau Audiovisuales, will be at the scene to captivate these stunners of a by-gone era, enabling us to enjoy and cherish mouth-watering momentoes for many years to come.

This display of a different breed of boats, famed for their grace and good looks and admired for their racing prowess, will make for a truly unique event and a once in a lifetime treat, both for classic sailing fans and lovers of things ridiculously beautiful.

The 41m two-masted schooner Mariette of 1915 scored top slot at the 2012 Pendennis Cup

The following yachts will be taking part:

The timelessly classy 54m Shenandoah is, hands down, one of the most famous and striking of all the classics afloat today. She was built in 1902, has survived two World Wars and has sailed the waters of the Pacific, the Antarctic and the North Atlantic to name a few. She has raced across oceans and circumnavigated the globe many times. Moreover, she is still in a condition which will enable her to go into the next century as gracefully as she sailed into this one.

The 55m Elena was built in 2009 by Factoria Naval de Marin as a meticulously re-built replica of the first Elena, drawn up by Nathanael Herreshoff in 1910, the so-called "Wizard of Bristol". The owner, Morton Plant, gave him a wonderful design brief: "build me a schooner that can win!" Elena finished in front at most of her early races against the crème de la crème of the American schooner fleet. The new Elena slices through the water with the grace reminiscent of a former era and, as a regular racer, has claimed victories on both sides of the Atlantic.

The Herreshoff designed 55m Eleonora is an exact replica of the schooner Westward, arguably one of the most famous and best-performing racing schooners in the world. The ultra-fast schooner Westward claimed first against the likes of Britannia, Lulworth and Meteor II in racing events. Eleonora, steel hulled and wooden masted like her predecessor, was built at the Van der Graaf shipyard, and launched in 2000. Since then, she has triumphed in a number of regattas, like Antigua Sailing Week and Les Voiles de St Tropez. She has raced in the Solent in the Westward Cup and has competed in the Round the Island Race in 2012 with Sir Ben Ainslie co-helming.

The 60m traditional gaff-rigged schooner Germania Nova was built as a true replica of the classic 1908 racing schooner Germania, using the same hull lines, deck- and sail-plans as designed by the acclaimed Max Oertz. The orginal Germania was built to kick stern and with a top speed of 19 knots, in one year alone, came first in more than half of the races in which she competed. For the new Germania (although a worldly wise traveller) the Superyacht Cup will be her very first outing on a race course.

The SYC will be the first outing on a race course for the 60m Germania Nova. Photo © Northrop & Johnson

The 24m gaff schooner Kelpie of Falmouth was designed by Francis Sweisguth and built in Maine in 1929. She was completely restored in 2014 to look good and race hard, which she does! She placed fourth during the 2014 edition of the Pendennis Cup, pipping Mariette and Adix to the schooner class overall.

The 41m two-masted schooner Mariette of 1915 was also designed by Nathanael Herreshoff, the renowned designer responsible for a whole array of unbeatable America's Cup defenders. Although this seasoned sail yacht was built 100 years ago, she not only remains in fine form, but also still races at the top of her game. She scored premium slot at the 2012 Pendennis Cup, and claimed a respectable third place in last year's Transatlantic Race, ahead of all-carbon racers Rambler and Comanche.

One of the very few entirely original classic gaff cutter yachts remaining today is the lovely 35m Moonbeam IV, built by William Fife & Sons. She was launched in 1920 and went straight on to win the Kings' Cup in both 1920 and 1923. The famous French single-handed sailor, Eric Tabarly, described her as "the most beautiful yacht ever built". She has taken ev-ery-thing there is to win: the Vele d'Epoca, the Trophée Bailli de Suffren, Les Voiles d'Antibes, Calanques Classique, Cannes, St. Tropez, Barcelona and Mahon, as well as the PYTA (Prix du Yacht de Tradition l'Année) and, the Big Boats category of the Panerai Classic Yachts Challenge.

Completing this jaw-dropping scene will be the 39m schooner Naema. She is a replica of the, at the time, extremely popular charter yacht Panda,  built in 1938. Naema is, like Germania Nova, a first timer on the racing circuit and, no doubt, as eager to show off her racing prowess.

Completing this jaw-dropping scene will be the 39m schooner Naema.

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Excitement Builds for Palma's 20th Superyacht Cup

Temperatures have started to soar in pretty Palma and, hopefully, with the arrival of sun-drenched days we can also count on the bay's sea breeze to persist in paying us a daily visit. Along with the temperature, excitement has also started to build: there's only one week to go until we can sink our teeth into three days of hair-raising regatta action during the annual Superyacht Cup. The 20th edition of this 'sailor's regatta' will again take place in the Mediterranean's most popular superyacht haunt, sunny Palma de Mallorca.

For the last two decades, the SYC has attracted the globe's shiniest sailors and the most marvelous superyachts to compete in an exhilarating face-off. This year's spectacular line-up will prove no different. This silver edition boasts a perfect balance of first-time entries, like the 32m Southern Wind Sea Wave (with three bullets she was the undisputed champion during The Rolex Capri International Regatta last month) to long time competitors, such as the powerful Perini P2 (this year's St Barths Bucket Regatta and Loro Piana Caribbean Regatta, Class B victor).

The performance Perini P2 has already claimed victory twice this year. Photo: ©

We're also very pleased to announce that many of our official suppliers have returned to be part of the event this year. Complete Marine Freight, our shipping, storage, and logistics partner, have teamed up with us for the seventh time. These yacht transport and shipping service specialists provide an array of logistics and services to nearly the entire fleet: ensuring 'smooth sailing' before, during, and after the regatta.

Another returning partner are RSB Rigging Solutions. The number of SYC entrants past and present who are loyal customers of these rigging supremos, such as the 45m Salperton or the 31m Gaia, is a testament to their superb work. RSB Rigging have also taken care of the running rigging for the newly launched Vitters-built Unfurled. As a matter of fact, almost all of this year's entrants have had RSB refit their rigs, repair their winches or supply new racing lines and halyards, resulting in a fully tuned fleet that's ready to race!

A Transformed Trophy for Silver Edition of the Superyacht Cup

Pendennis has long been a supporter and sponsor of The Superyacht Cup and this year the team was honored to be approached by the organizers to assist with improving the winners' perpetual trophy. After discussion with the SYC team, a new base was designed and the trophy was brought back to Pendennis' facility in Falmouth. There, the new base was hand crafted and lacquered by a highly skilled team of joinery and finishing apprentices and wood machinists. The new base design has transformed and modernised the trophy, featuring an inset teak deck for the cleat to sit on and will no doubt complement the victor's trophy cabinet this year.

A transformed trophy for silver edition of the SYC. Photo courtesy of Pendennis

For the second time, 100% Pure New Zealand is the Superyacht Cup's 'Destination Partner'. With the regatta's reputation for attracting superyachts with a keen competitive edge and desire to push boundaries, it is the perfect match for New Zealand: an adventure playground for yachts wishing to explore further and expand their horizons beyond the traditional Mediterranean and Caribbean cruising grounds. The 100% New Zealand team will be present during the event to showcase stunning New Zealand as a world class cruising and charter destination. Why not see the team on site and find out about the country's 14,000km of pristine coastline, set against a breathtakingly beautiful backdrop of diverse landscapes?

A record 57 superyachts came to New Zealand during the 2014/15 season. The 2015/16 season has seen the same level of over 50 visiting yachts, but noticeably many yachts are larger than those that came previously. Additionally, with the new 24th month visiting permit in action and possibility for foreign flagged superyachts to charter in New Zealand, many yachts are staying longer.

An Already Buzzing SYC Regatta Village

Most of our entrants are already docked inside STP with boats and crews busy gearing up for Thursday's first day of racing. Our soon-to-be Regatta Village is also already buzzing: a small army of 'Superyacht-Cuppers' have started the build of our sponsors' tents. Gold sponsor Gaastra will be proudly displaying their brand-new cutting edge line of professional sailing gear in the village's largest tent. Also for sale will be their new, limited edition, 20th SYC polo collection. The Gaastra brand, responsible for bringing a contemporary style to the superyacht scene, boast international allure and many followers ranging from professional sailors to fashion conscious lovers of the nautical lifestyle.

Our premium partners Baltic Yachts, builders of high performance yachts, will be represented by the award winning carbon racer-cruiser Win Win (last year's podium finisher, no less). Additionally, the yard's Service and Refit facility will be offering technical support and practical assistance to all particpants of the Cup. Their professional service staff will be on standby at the Baltic stand onsite. We are very proud to have Baltic Yachts' support at this year's regatta.

The Baltic built 33m Win Win is designed to dominate on the race course. Photo: ©

Racing is scheduled to start Thursday the 23rd at 13.00.

Connect with us through Twitter #SYC and Facebook (The Superyacht Cup) for real time updates of all the action on and off the racecourse.

For high res images contact Claire Matches at

Monday, 23 May 2016

Another Three Awe-Inspiring Superyachts Sign Up

Palma de Mallorca's temperatures have started to soar and we've already seen four superyacht races take place this year. Those are sure signs that the regatta season is in full swing and we're getting closer to the 20th Superyacht Cup, which, we might add, is going to be HUGE this year!

Yet another three glorious superyachts have signed up recently which brings us to a total of no less than 23 race-ready yachts, itching to take part in this year's action.

One of our newest additions is the 31m Penelope, launched in 2013 and designed by Dubois. She boasts a performance orientated hull shape and is powered by a sport rig, carbon spars and Spectra Carbon sails, made by sponsors North Sails. Penelope has proudly enjoyed many triumphs. She was finalist in the Boat International World Superyacht Awards 2013 and bagged first place in the 2014 Oyster regatta in Antigua. She's known to deliver a top performance, even in the lightest of winds. We're keen to see the Palma Bay's trademark sea breeze make her fly even faster.

The freshly launched 32m Southern Wind Sea Wave, finessed to perfection and designed by Farr Yacht Design, will not only be racing for the very first time but will be tackling no less than four regattas this season: The Rolex Capri International Regatta, The Loro Piana Superyacht Regatta, The Superyacht Cup, and the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup. Like many other Superyacht Cup competitors her mast and boom are supplied by our sponsors Southern Spars, who also fitted the yacht's carbon fibre performance rigging.

The freshly launched 32m Southern Wind Sea Wave, finessed to perfection. Photo courtesy of Southern Wind.

A regular racer on Palma's bay whom we're thrilled to see back, is the stunningly elegant 31m modern classic Gaia, built by Spirit Yachts. As well as being known for her speed and sophistication, Gaia also flies the most talked about spinnaker, one which has made many sailors perched on the rail do a double take, you'll see. This timeless racer can reach speeds in excess of 19 knots, making her one of the fastest yachts of her size on the water. She'll be competing for the third consecutive time this year and we can't wait to see her gracefully cream past her competitors.

The 31m Gaia is one of the fastest yachts of her size on the water. Photo:

High Five - KIBOKO DOS

Another Southern Wind built boat we'll be able to see on the race course is the 29m Kiboko Dos, not only a strong performer on the race course, this award-winning sailing yacht was also the first to confirm being happy to take onboard this year's refill bottles, teaming up with us in cutting down on single use plastic to protect the seas we love to sail on. On top of the twenty bottles kindly provided by Marine Hydraulic Solutions, they've ordered 26 additional ones, with proceeds going to Asociación Ondine for environmental projects on the island. High Five Kiboko Dos!

Judging by the enthusiastic responses from all captains and owners upon hearing about our mission to take on the environmental impact at this year's Superyacht Cup, no doubt more captains will soon follow.

The 28m Kiboko Dos, the first to team up with us in cutting down on single use plastic. ©

Eight million metric tons of plastic waste enters the ocean from the land each year. That's equivalent to about 1.5 million cars! (1) By joining the Sailors of the Sea Clean Regattas Programme we can offer support and resources to help conserve and protect our seas.

(1) J. Dambeck, Science

Silver Sponsors Royal Huisman, No Ordinary Shipyard and Paint Professionals Jotun

Silver sponsors Royal Huisman, sticklers for flawlessly executed custom superyachts, are currently involved with various new build and refit projects. At the moment taking centre stage is the Dubois designed 58m high performance, edgy and innovative sloop Ngoni. Following is a beautiful 56m classic ketch designed by Dykstra Naval Architects and a very elegant 65ft Sparkman and Stevens designed cutter rigged sloop. Also noteworthy on the new build front is the Royal Huisman 43 by Germán Frers. In a ready-to-go format she's available to meet a client's brief -no other yacht of these dimensions can be built today that so effectively brings together luxury, amenity and optimised accommodations.

Huisfit, the shipyard's refit, repair and renewal program, continues to impress through their recently delivered projects, such as the 70m Lürssen Skat, long-serving Superyacht Cup competitor Hyperion, the 40m Antares, and the converted 42m Samurai, (ex-Mari Cha IV). The 55m Vitters ketch Adèle is currently at the shipyard for a major Huisfit overhaul.

Almost every single year has seen a Royal Huisman-built beauty at full bore in the bay. Our 2007 edition saw no less than eight yachts which came from the acclaimed Dutch yard. Additionally they've brought forward a whole fleet of winners like the cutter rigged classic sloop Maria Cattiva, the multi award-winning 47m Hyperion, and the 34m Germán Frers designed performance sloop Unfurled, now re-named Spiip by her new owner.

Another silver sponsor supporting the regatta this year are superyacht paint specialists Jotun. Jotun is one of the world's leading paint manufacturers recognised as the number one supplier of antifouling. The Jotun group has 63 companies and 37 production facilities on all continents, and is represented in more than 100 countries with over 9800 employees. Jotun has a comprehensive, specialist yachting range of: antifouling, primers, fillers and top coats, specifically designed for the megayacht industry. These top quality products have been proven in every sea and ocean of the world and are fully supported by an unrivalled standard of technical service and global supply network.

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Three Class Act Schooners to Compete in Palma

For 20 years now, the beautiful bay of Palma has been setting the stage for a mouth-watering selection of mega yachts to participate in a gripping superyacht regatta like no other. Most years, the Superyacht Cup draws entries from 300 tonne giants to sleek and slippery speed machines, but we're excited to announce that it is during this 'vintage' edition that we'll also see a selection of the iconic 'classic' schooners grace the racing circuit.

We already mentioned the 41m two-masted schooner Mariette of 1915 taking part. She was drawn up by Nathanael Greene Herreshoff, the renowned designer responsible for a whole array of unbeatable America's Cup defenders. Although this seasoned sail yacht was built 100 years ago, she not only remains in fine form, (premium partners Pendennis' refit facilities keep her in tip-top shape), but also still races at the top of her game. She scored premium slot at the 2012 Pendennis Cup, and additionally claimed a respectable third place in last year's Transatlantic Race, ahead of all-carbon racers Rambler and Comanche, no less.

SYC entrant, the breathtakingly beautiful Mariette still races at the top of her game.

The stunning Mariette of 1915 will be up against one of our newest SYC additions: the 60m traditional gaff-rigged schooner Germania Nova. She was built as a true replica of the classic 1908 racing schooner Germania, using the same hull lines, deck- and sail-plans as designed by the acclaimed Max Oertz. The original Germania was built to kick stern and with a top speed of 19 knots, in one year alone, came first in more than half of the races in which she competed. For the new Germania this will be her very first outing on the race course. We already know she is on a par with her predecessor's beauty and elegance...but will she also be able to match this record-breaker's winning ways? We'll need to wait another two months to find out.

The 60m traditional gaff-rigged schooner Germania Nova. Image courtesy of Northrop & Johnson.

Completing this jaw-dropping scene will be the 42m schooner Naema, designed by Hodgdon Yachts and built by Graafship NL.

Twenty Plus Fleet includes Cup Veterans P2 and Visione

The performance Perini P2 will be competing for the fourth time, yet this year this regatta regular will be sailed hard by a new crew with America's Cup veteran Tony Rey on tactics. And even though she's a new boat for the team, they've already claimed victory twice this year. First at the Loro Piana Superyacht Regatta in Virgin Gorda where they triumphed in Class B and later during the St Barths Bucket: she won to hold on to the lead and edge out second-place finisher, the Vitters built Ganesha, by one point in overall scoring. We're sure the 46m Indian deity will want to get her own back in Palma!

We're also thrilled to see the 45m Visione return, no doubt owner and crew will have their sailing muscles flexed in order to continue last year's battle with, amongst others, the highly competitive Inouï, (Vitters). The well powered Baltic-built beauty was designed by Reichel / Pugh - responsible for the lines of other rockets such as Magic Carpet 3. Although built in 2002, well before many other SYC competitors, she is still the boat to beat. She came second in class during Antigua's Superyacht Challenge this year and took third in class during the St Barths Bucket in March.
The 45m well powered Baltic-built beauty Visione. Image:
Classic style yachts always look good on the water and the 46m Windrose of Amsterdam is no exception. She won the ShowBoats Award for Highest Technical Achievement just after her launch in 2001 and made headlines by breaking the Transatlantic record both in 2002 and 2005. This award-winning superyacht signed up last week, bringing our number of entrants up to a total of 22.